Titilayo & Vandell

Isn’t life amazing sometimes?

There are an endless amount of ways to meet people, but when you’re new in town, making new connections can be tough. As was the case of our bride, though, sometimes you get lucky and love finds you instead. For Titilayo, her future husband was revealed to her by a classmate who was also a client of Vandell’s. This intermediator, the fated Julia, saw something in these two apart that prompted her to help bring them together, and with Titilayo’s permission, Julia passed on our bride’s email address to Vandell. From there, the love affair began to take root, and when they finally met in person (after Titilayo returned from a trip to Nigeria), both were filled with an instant sense of ease with the other, having felt, as the bride so succinctly put it, “like we were already friends…and now we were just reconnecting.” Isn’t life amazing sometimes?

We spent the day with these two at the Wimbish House in Midtown Atlanta, celebrating their charismatic union with laughter and tears as each poured out a set of beautifully self-written vows. There are so many details that go into a wedding, but when a bride and groom dip their pens into the promises that outline what they want to give and receive from each other for the rest of their days, nothing speaks more loudly of who they are and what they value in their partner. Titilayo and Vandell’s love was beautiful to hear spoken and to watch burning brightly between them, both at the ceremony itself and the joyful celebration that followed. We felt so lucky to have been chosen to help capture the warmth and light that flowed not only through the Wimbish, but also between this sweet, charming couple. Titilayo and Vandell, thank you again for trusting us with your memories and for letting us bear witness as you begin this chapter of your lives – we wish you a lifetime full of wonderful surprises and sacred love.

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