Sudha & Gaurab

Sudha & Gaurab's Wedding Highlight from Wages Films on Vimeo.

Sudha and Gaurab celebrated their nuptials with a rich and beautiful weekend-long Indian wedding in Atlanta. After filming multiple events at a variety of different venues, I get to feeling like I know my couples pretty well, and this time, I felt like I had fallen in with a pair of cherished local celebrities. The love at this wedding for the couple was heavy and deep, and the adoration between Sudha and Gaurab themselves was so pure and so in sync that I couldn’t help but feel, as one of their guests so succinctly praised during the hours of tender, admiring speeches, inspired by their solid, connected love.

I was thrilled to work with this pair, as their desires for a wedding film aligned so nicely with my work: they wanted to keep the feelings and filming candid and natural, to capture the emotions of small interactions, and to reflect their personalities through the events of the day. It is always an honor when folks choose us, and we take each job very much to heart. I still want these films to feel like you had a hand in their creation; for them to be authentic ‘you’ in all the small ways that can sometimes be overshadowed by so much bigness elsewhere, and showcase not just the special aesthetics of the day, but, shining over everything, the light of the love that the two of you share. That love was brilliant this day, and it was – as it so often is – an honor just to bear witness.

Speaking of the gorgeous aesthetics of this weekend, I would be amiss to not mention the teams of talent we worked with this weekend – Ribha Events and Indaglow Productions made magic happen with their graceful coordination and musical backdrops, and Bhojanic’s incredible catering was a feast for the senses. We partied through the weekend, from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, to the Hindu Temple of Atlanta, finishing up with a blissful celebration of a reception at Atlanta’s High Museum. The happiness escalated as the weekend went by, and I feel confident in my observation of these two that joy will continue to grow between them for the rest of their life together. Sudha and Gaurab, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wonderful weekend. May you always be so surrounded by an ocean of love and support, and no matter what life brings, may you always keep holding each other up.

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