Ruby & Alex

Ruby & Alex's Wedding Highlight from Wages Films on Vimeo.

I was thrilled when my friend Ruby Velle, and lead singer of The Soulphonics, expressed interest in me filming her wedding.

Ruby and her soon-to-be husband Alex kick-started their weekend of ceremonies with a henna party at Kirkwood’s Howard House along with Indian street food provided by Bhojanic. Later that evening, dance performances were followed by a lively dance party MC’ed by the couple’s friend DJ Mike Zarin. The traditional Sikh wedding ceremony, also Anand Karaj, was celebrated on the beautiful lawn of the Howard House the next morning, symbolizing the union between the bride and groom’s families. I was moved by the music-filled ceremony and its traditions.

The same day, bridesmaids in pretty periwinkle took their places at Greystone in Piedmont Park before Ruby walked down the aisle in a low-back lace dress with gorgeous floral patterns on the sheer sleeves. Her hair held an arc of pink roses that matched the arrangements in the reception space—and her blush-colored heels! Ruby captivated the wedding guests by reading excerpts from Kurt Vonnegut during the vows, joking how happy she was that she and Alex had gotten through the weekend together. There were loud cheers all throughout the ceremony, especially when their handsome ringbearer and dog, Rosco, made his appearance in a vest and bowtie.

The newly Mr. and Mrs. Morgan made their way to the reception to groove alongside family and friends with live dhol players, DJ Jaz and a musical hero of mine, Lee Fields. The newlyweds made their grand exit in a bike-drawn carriage, ending their wedding weekend in style!

Allison & Andrew

Allison & Andrew's Wedding Highlight from Wages Films on Vimeo.

Allison and Andrew started off their wedding day at a charming little church, full of smiles and loving glances. It was a full house, but there was a delightful feeling of intimacy between the couple and their guests. From there, folks travelled to the gorgeous Piedmont Driving Club for the reception, where the live band (Party on the Moon) rocked everybody so good that folks stayed to shake it down ’til long after the cows came home. I was lucky to get to work next to two powerhouses in Atlanta wedding styling and photography, Amy Osaba Events, and Caroline Petters Photography, folks who make everything around them look even more beautiful than one could dare to hope for. Gina Livingston of Pretty Swell Parties helped run the show. This town is so thick with great talent, I feel pretty honored to get to create alongside these people. But ultimately, the centerpiece of everything is a charming, loving – and fun! – couple; Allison and Andrew, you were just that. I don’t know when I was last at a reception so rad – what a party! Thank you for letting me part of all the joy and celebration, and may you two always be so saturated in joy!

Sudha & Gaurab

Sudha & Gaurab's Wedding Highlight from Wages Films on Vimeo.

Sudha and Gaurab celebrated their nuptials with a rich and beautiful weekend-long Indian wedding in Atlanta. After filming multiple events at a variety of different venues, I get to feeling like I know my couples pretty well, and this time, I felt like I had fallen in with a pair of cherished local celebrities. The love at this wedding for the couple was heavy and deep, and the adoration between Sudha and Gaurab themselves was so pure and so in sync that I couldn’t help but feel, as one of their guests so succinctly praised during the hours of tender, admiring speeches, inspired by their solid, connected love.

I was thrilled to work with this pair, as their desires for a wedding film aligned so nicely with my work: they wanted to keep the feelings and filming candid and natural, to capture the emotions of small interactions, and to reflect their personalities through the events of the day. It is always an honor when folks choose us, and we take each job very much to heart. I still want these films to feel like you had a hand in their creation; for them to be authentic ‘you’ in all the small ways that can sometimes be overshadowed by so much bigness elsewhere, and showcase not just the special aesthetics of the day, but, shining over everything, the light of the love that the two of you share. That love was brilliant this day, and it was – as it so often is – an honor just to bear witness.

Speaking of the gorgeous aesthetics of this weekend, I would be amiss to not mention the teams of talent we worked with this weekend – Ribha Events and Indaglow Productions made magic happen with their graceful coordination and musical backdrops, and Bhojanic’s incredible catering was a feast for the senses. We partied through the weekend, from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, to the Hindu Temple of Atlanta, finishing up with a blissful celebration of a reception at Atlanta’s High Museum. The happiness escalated as the weekend went by, and I feel confident in my observation of these two that joy will continue to grow between them for the rest of their life together. Sudha and Gaurab, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wonderful weekend. May you always be so surrounded by an ocean of love and support, and no matter what life brings, may you always keep holding each other up.

Nicole & Jerry

Nicole & Jerry's Wedding Highlight from Wages Films on Vimeo.

Nicole and Jerry’s wedding took place at the classically styled Piedmont Driving Club, a gorgeous country club adjacent to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. The venue was a bold and unique backdrop for this handsome couple to exchange vows – and I should mention that they were a lovely and sweet set of self-penned vows; nice work, y’all! The event was perfectly put together by Ashley Baber Weddings, and my friend Jeremy Harwell shot gorgeous photography of the pair as they floated through their day. Nicole and Jerry, thank you for choosing us to capture your happy day, and may you celebrate in love for many years to come!

Melissa & Jamie

There is Old South and there is New South…

There is Old South and there is New South, and when twain do meet we are left with a gently fried blend of everything we love about living below the Mason-Dixon. Melissa and Jamie’s beautiful Savannah, Georgia wedding was just such a meeting of times. Draped in gorgeous lace and vintage details, the pair joined up at one of Savannah’s iconic fountains, surrounded by a smattering of beloved and beatific family and friends.

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Tia & Chris

A New Year’s Eve Wedding

Our adorable couple, Tia and Chris, met as kids in high school and then went their separate ways out into the world…only to be unexpectedly reunited years later at a Spring Training baseball event. Chris plays ball for the Atlanta Braves now, though at the time he was a player for the Houston Astros. Tia recognized her old friend and the embers began to warm up. After much texting, flirting, and eventually moving in together, Tia was surprised by Chris with a sneaky engagement dinner on the beach at their vacation resort in Puerto Rico. From there, the wheels were set in motion for one big, beautiful wedding celebration.

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Mitra & Sean

A love story that began half a world away in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Although we spend most of our time shooting weddings in Atlanta, many of our couples begin their love story in places very far from our old Georgia home. Mitra and Sean are one of our cosmopolitan pairs, having made their initial connection half a world away in Kabul, Afghanistan. As Sean sweetly put it, he was “bowled over” at his first sight of Mitra and the romance began from there.

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Gemma & Michael

A magical, multi-day event that ran the gamut of gorgeous Atlanta venues.

Oh, you guys. This wedding was such a special weekend for us to get to tag along on. Gemma and Michael’s wedding celebration was a magical, multi-day event that ran the gamut of gorgeous Atlanta venues. But before we get into the backdrop, let me tell you about the main characters in our feature, Gemma and Michael.

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Ashley & Rob

A warm Southern evening with the kind of light that creates a dreamy atmosphere.

Ashley and Rob, a pair of self-professed homebodies, celebrated the beginning of their engagement with a happy surprise from Rob on their couch…and the end of their engagement with a magical wedding at the classically beautiful Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta.

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