Tia & Chris

A New Year’s Eve Wedding

Our adorable couple, Tia and Chris, met as kids in high school and then went their separate ways out into the world…only to be unexpectedly reunited years later at a Spring Training baseball event. Chris plays ball for the Atlanta Braves now, though at the time he was a player for the Houston Astros. Tia recognized her old friend and the embers began to warm up. After much texting, flirting, and eventually moving in together, Tia was surprised by Chris with a sneaky engagement dinner on the beach at their vacation resort in Puerto Rico. From there, the wheels were set in motion for one big, beautiful wedding celebration.

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Mitra & Sean

A love story that began half a world away in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Although we spend most of our time shooting weddings in Atlanta, many of our couples begin their love story in places very far from our old Georgia home. Mitra and Sean are one of our cosmopolitan pairs, having made their initial connection half a world away in Kabul, Afghanistan. As Sean sweetly put it, he was “bowled over” at his first sight of Mitra and the romance began from there.

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Gemma & Michael

A magical, multi-day event that ran the gamut of gorgeous Atlanta venues.

Oh, you guys. This wedding was such a special weekend for us to get to tag along on. Gemma and Michael’s wedding celebration was a magical, multi-day event that ran the gamut of gorgeous Atlanta venues. But before we get into the backdrop, let me tell you about the main characters in our feature, Gemma and Michael.

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Ashley & Rob

A warm Southern evening with the kind of light that creates a dreamy atmosphere.

Ashley and Rob, a pair of self-professed homebodies, celebrated the beginning of their engagement with a happy surprise from Rob on their couch…and the end of their engagement with a magical wedding at the classically beautiful Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta.

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Nehal & Dhruv

Nehal and Dhruv spent their wedding weekend at Atlanta’s Marriot Marquis, a fantastically styled hotel with the kind of huge and distinctive flair that has elevated the building to a local iconic status. It was the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous, stylish couple to begin their life together.

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Arti & Greg

Let me begin by saying how grateful I am to get to attend so many unique, and incredibly personal wedding ceremonies. Even when they’re following traditions that have been passed down for generations, our clients are so creative. This wedding was no exception; Arti and Greg’s wedding was a traditionally Indian days-long event that was not only beautiful and opulent and special, but also one of the happiest affairs I’ve attended.

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Sasha & Jedd

A lovely and lively barn wedding at the Walters Farm in Lula, Georgia.

We first met Jedd and Sasha over Skype and instantly connected over our shared (and highly distinguished, we should add) taste in movies. It is always nice to find things in common with our clients, particularly when they involve cinematography. Sasha and Jedd, from Colorado, had arranged for their wedding to be at Walters Farm in Lula, Georgia. Indeed, the event was just as sweet and country-charming as that description sounds.

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Lisa & D’Lovely

We shoot a lot of weddings, and each of them is special in its own way…but sometimes you get one that really shines. The wedding of Lisa and D’Lovely was so radiant and wonderful, we felt genuinely lucky to witness the event.

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Laura & Mahesh

A wedding full of excitement and happiness.

The marriage of Laura and Mahesh was a colorful and charming mashup of cultures; the morning of their big day was spent celebrating with a joyful Hindu ceremony for Mahesh’s family, and in the afternoon the bride and groom shared their lovely hand-written vows at a ceremony that integrated Laura’s Jewish traditions as well. It was a day full of excitement and happiness, as this pair sealed their future together.

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Alli & Alex

We were so excited to be a part of Alli and Alex’s elegant ceremony and reception at Atlanta’s Ritz-Carlton Buckhead. This was one of the most opulent events we’ve been invited to yet, from the sparkling crystal chandeliers and cream and lavender flowers draped everywhere, to the glamorously detailed gown the bride absolutely shone in – it was a stunning evening.

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