Melissa & Jamie

There is Old South and there is New South…

There is Old South and there is New South, and when twain do meet we are left with a gently fried blend of everything we love about living below the Mason-Dixon. Melissa and Jamie’s beautiful Savannah, Georgia wedding was just such a meeting of times. Draped in gorgeous lace and vintage details, the pair joined up at one of Savannah’s iconic fountains, surrounded by a smattering of beloved and beatific family and friends.

Some of our favorite moments in this wedding were brought to life by the unique style and laid-back attitudes of this pair: the wide variety of charmingly self-styled dresses in the bridal party, the surprise visit by the bride’s father mid-photography session (and the bride’s wonderfully relaxed reaction), the emphatic response of the delighted groom when asked at the altar if he was ready to make this leap with his bride (“Absolutely, I do!”), and the wide open and eager trust of the cake ‘exchange’ between the these two. *swoon* The after party, er- reception, was held at the Savannah’s Telfair Museum – a place renowned in its’ ability to blend classical and contemporary in a way that honors both. Guests shook things down with a live band until the end of the evening came and the bride and groom were whisked away in a pristine classic Cadillac convertible (a 1960 by my eye, and just super cherry!) – the perfect getaway vehicle for this classy, timeless bride and groom. I can only imagine the fantastic shots that were captured by one of my very favorite photographers, the wickedly talented Anne Almasy. So much style, drenched in warm sunshine; this day was both heavy and light with beautiful moments.

It is a pleasure to work with people whose personalities are not simply big, but full of love and joy, and this wedding was nothing if not genuinely soul-pleasing on so many levels. Full of eye-candy, brimming with bliss, and framed by the happiest smiles, we very much enjoyed spending this day with you two, Melissa and Jamie! Thank you so much for the honor of creating this keepsake film; we hope you’ll enjoy it through the years for the memories it conjures and the happiness beaming through. Congratulations and happy new marriage to you!

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