Koel & Sanjeev

One of those romances you see in the movies.

Koel and Sanjeev have one of those romances you see in the movies – the kind where the cute girl meets the handsome boy in a completely chance encounter standing outside of a bar in New York City…and they end up getting married.

The happy ending/exciting beginning played out beautifully during their two ceremonies on Lake Lanier, which were sweetly officiated by the bride’s best friend, Aarthi. The day was themed by the talented Rita Patel at Ribha Events, and amongst the layers of elegant fabric and brightly-colored flowers strewn about, Koel both fit in perfectly and stood out, radiantly bejeweled and infectiously giddy to be forever joined to Sanjeev. We shot alongside both Sachi Anand Photography and FengLong Photography, as guests danced jubilantly into the evening, watching as this young couple began the transformation into husband and wife.

Koel and Sanjeev, thank you so much for allowing us into your delightful ceremony – we loved watching you both smiling and laughing as you set your intentions for your life together. We wish you continued joy together for all your years to come!

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