Gemma & Michael

A magical, multi-day event that ran the gamut of gorgeous Atlanta venues.

Oh, you guys. This wedding was such a special weekend for us to get to tag along on. Gemma and Michael’s wedding celebration was a magical, multi-day event that ran the gamut of gorgeous Atlanta venues. But before we get into the backdrop, let me tell you about the main characters in our feature, Gemma and Michael.

This pair met at the University of Georgia in an Indian bhangra dance troupe where Michael had been dancing for years. This is particularly cool because Michael isn’t from India…at all. He’s a native Atlantan, and as you will see in this clip, he really, really enjoys dancing. And, as you’ll also see, he is terrific! Everyone really loves watching him go…including, and especially, Gemma. They hit it off on the dance floor out in Athens, and the rest is history.

Gemma and Michael celebrated their vows beginning with a big Mendhi party in Magnolia Hall at Piedmont Park, moving onto the Swan House the next day for the traditional American vows, and, of course, a fantastic dance party with a live band out on the front lawn. It was such a joyful gathering, so much happiness and movement! And of course, the third event was the main event itself, the traditional Indian Wedding ceremony, which began with a helicopter dropping our groom for his baraat at the top of Ventana’s! There was no shortage of incredible rooftop shots (done by the amazing Garrett Frandsen for this wedding, but the gorgeousness carried over – via Gemma’s beautiful, ornate, azure gown, and the inimitable talents of Nadira Merali at Envi Events -into the festivities of the evening as well.

Getting to see these two together on the dance floor, both graceful and jubilant in their movements, was such a joy to behold. Gemma and Michael, we wish you a life filled with happy synchronization and many more rugs to cut together. It was truly a pleasure to be present for your incredible weekend and we thank you for the opportunity to help recreate so many wonderful memories in a way that will last forever. Congratulations, y’all!

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