Laura & Mahesh

A wedding full of excitement and happiness.

The marriage of Laura and Mahesh was a colorful and charming mashup of cultures; the morning of their big day was spent celebrating with a joyful Hindu ceremony for Mahesh’s family, and in the afternoon the bride and groom shared their lovely hand-written vows at a ceremony that integrated Laura’s Jewish traditions as well. It was a day full of excitement and happiness, as this pair sealed their future together.

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Alli & Alex

We were so excited to be a part of Alli and Alex’s elegant ceremony and reception at Atlanta’s Ritz-Carlton Buckhead. This was one of the most opulent events we’ve been invited to yet, from the sparkling crystal chandeliers and cream and lavender flowers draped everywhere, to the glamorously detailed gown the bride absolutely shone in – it was a stunning evening.

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Ashley & Ryan

A Fall wedding at the 3109 Piedmont Estate

Ashley and Ryan’s wedding journey began with a surprise proposal masked as drinks with friends after a show in New York City. Ashley emailed us the video in her introduction, and as we watched the excitement unfold, we could tell that this was a couple whose reception was going to be quite the fun soiree. And we were right! But the ceremony itself was absolutely lovely, too.

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Grace & Matthew

A warm and wonderful fall wedding at Monteluce.

If we could imagine the most perfect Autumn wedding, we’d be dreaming of a day with cool, blustery scenery in the colors of the season for our bride and groom to meet, an incredibly romantic candlelit ceremony at sunset, culminating in a celebration brimming with love and joy, bathed in golden light. And of course, it would all take place on the grounds of a gorgeously styled winery in the mountains. Lo and behold, Grace and Matthew made every bit of this dream come alive with their warm and wonderful fall wedding. Everything felt so natural on this day, the way the winery blended into the grounds of the estate, the soft glow of buttery light washing over every detail, and the endearingly sweet and pure love between Grace & Matthew. This was a very special wedding day, one that we relished attending and filming, and one that we remain very honored to have been chosen for. Grace & Matthew, thank you for allowing us to share in this dream-come-true day – we are so happy for you both and wish you a life together that’s just as rich with warmth and love as was this day you became husband and wife.

Titilayo & Vandell

Isn’t life amazing sometimes?

There are an endless amount of ways to meet people, but when you’re new in town, making new connections can be tough. As was the case of our bride, though, sometimes you get lucky and love finds you instead. For Titilayo, her future husband was revealed to her by a classmate who was also a client of Vandell’s. This intermediator, the fated Julia, saw something in these two apart that prompted her to help bring them together, and with Titilayo’s permission, Julia passed on our bride’s email address to Vandell. From there, the love affair began to take root, and when they finally met in person (after Titilayo returned from a trip to Nigeria), both were filled with an instant sense of ease with the other, having felt, as the bride so succinctly put it, “like we were already friends…and now we were just reconnecting.” Isn’t life amazing sometimes?

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Koel & Sanjeev

One of those romances you see in the movies.

Koel and Sanjeev have one of those romances you see in the movies – the kind where the cute girl meets the handsome boy in a completely chance encounter standing outside of a bar in New York City…and they end up getting married.

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Ravi & Valsa

A cross-continental romance.

Our couple this week was a special pair whose cross-continental romance began via their shared connections on Facebook. Ravi saw Valsa’s sweet smile on a friend’s page and despite the thousands of miles that lay between him in Atlanta and her in Kuala Lumpur, he couldn’t help but reach out to say ‘hi’. Many SkyMiles and much FaceTime later, technology was no longer enough, and the couple began planning their wedding in Ravi’s hometown. Friends and family celebrated the couple during a lively Sangeet at Monday Night Brewery and were treated with food carts serving an amazing variety of Indian street foods. Ribha Events did a gorgeous job of transforming the industrial space of The Foundry at Puritan Mill, which served as a soap factory in another lifetime, into a warm and traditional Indian wedding venue, and later into a jumpin’ party spot for the reception festivities! Their weekend was a series of joyful events that all added up to the beginning of a new life for Ravi and Valsa as husband and wife. Thank you both so much for choosing us to help create your wedding memories. Ravi and Valsa – we wish you the happiest years to come as you spend your time now face-to-face, in the same place for always. Congratulations!

Punam & Mohan

There was a pure and playful love radiating between Punam and Mohan that made their wedding ceremony one of the sweetest we’ve gotten to film. Taking place at the striking W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta, the couple began their celebratory weekend with a pre-wedding get-together to welcome friends and family. Dhara Jhavia of Réve.ology Events created a beautiful backdrop, rich with traditional details, for the early morning joining of this charming couple. Punam and Mohan, we very much enjoyed being part of the laughter and love in your weekend – here’s to many more years full of warm glances and joyful memories.
You can see more of Punam and Mohan’s fun wedding from their talented photographer, David Murray

Lainey & Sam

We were honored to be chosen for the impeccably beautiful wedding of Lainey and Sam. A classic Jewish wedding with lots of traditional details, this elegant couple naturally chose the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead as their wedding location. While Lainey grew up in Atlanta, Sam hails from New England, and by the volume of friends and family at the ceremony it was obvious how much love and support for these two surrounded their union that day. What was also obvious, and wonderfully so, was how honored the groom felt to be joining his life to that of his bride. Sam waxed so charmingly eloquent on the joy of the day, it was genuinely apparent to everyone listening how pleased and proud -and grateful- he was to have Lainey at his side, at that moment and forever more.

Lainey and Sam were dedicated to each other under a beautiful chuppah, fashioned along with the rest of the exquisite details by Laura Maddox at Magnolia Events, and upon signing the delicately calligraphed ketubah, this pair set in ink their agreement for life.

Lainey and Sam, we felt truly esteemed to have been part of your lovely and stunningly gorgeous wedding day. We wish you both the very happiest of days spent together, and that you remain as blissfully grateful for each other for the rest of your days on earth.

Alison & Rob

Alison and Rob were sweethearts in college whose romance fell away over the years. But the heart never forgets, they say, and these two eventually came  back to each other for good. In a crazy turn of events, Alison and Rob found themselves changing wedding venues at the eleventh hour. Can you even imagine such tumult? But what could have turned into a big mess was handled with grace and patience by these two as friends, family, and vendors rallied around them to make the transition as seamless as possible. And as you can see, it was a stunning success. The Foxwood Resort & Hunting Club provided a beautiful backdrop for this gorgeous couple, and showcased all the lovely vintage details Alison had carefully cultivated for the event. Guests dined on creative, delicious Southern fare from Sun in My Belly and basked in the warm glow of candlelight and young love.  Alison and Rob, thank you for being such a great example of a couple that rolls with the punches! May you always meet the obstacles that come your way knowing that together, you can handle anything. Mazel Tov!