Ashley & Ryan

A Fall wedding at the 3109 Piedmont Estate

Ashley and Ryan’s wedding journey began with a surprise proposal masked as drinks with friends after a show in New York City. Ashley emailed us the video in her introduction, and as we watched the excitement unfold, we could tell that this was a couple whose reception was going to be quite the fun soiree. And we were right! But the ceremony itself was absolutely lovely, too.

Beginning with a pre-wedding peek, we caught the first tender moments between bride and groom as they met for a few special pictures. Sweetly emotional, we watched as what felt like the entire wedding party pushed aside tears of joy for these two as they shared their homemade vows for each other. This is our absolute favorite, and such a wonderful insight as to what really makes a couple tick, when the pair sits down and writes out their own vows to each other. There are so many details that go into a wedding, but we think none of them are quite as important as creating your own words to set up your life as a couple. Ashley and Ryan’s were full of love and devotion, and we enjoyed listening to what each adored and wanted for the other. With a kiss, their lives were joined for good and the vibe shifted into party mode. Set up at Buckhead’s stately Antebellum Estate, this couple celebrated in grand style, complete with rockin’ DJ Joel Rabe and their own hashtagged (#meetthefrankels) led light sticks! The house was jumping with joy at the union of these two, and the evening closed out with an exit through a grand shower of sparkles from some pretty rad bottle sparklers.

Ashley and Ryan, we loved being part of your wedding day. Thank you so much for trusting us to film your memories – we really felt like it was the perfect wedding movie! So much fun and such a great celebration – we wish you this kind of love and joy for all of your days together. Mazel Tov!

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