We pride ourselves on retelling your story in a way that captures the details of your unique day – from focusing in on the bride’s vintage lace from her grandmother’s wedding half a century before, to the twinkle in the groom’s eye as his fiancé walks down to aisle – as well as the emotions, evoking the same tender feelings that swept the room as the bride’s father gave his closing speech to his little girl.

Our entire raison d’etre is to make the beauty and the joy of your wedding day into a forever keepsake for you – to make sure you, your family, and your children get to recall not only how lovely the ceremony was, how great of a dancer the best man was, and what a beautiful dinner service you had, but to notice the electricity that burned between the two of you, how wide you both smiled at each other that day, how love filled the air around you.

Capturing the moments both universal and intimate, recollecting the feelings of that day, and putting it all together to form a film, a story, that will bring back the joy of that day for the rest of your lives– that’s what we do.
And we love what we do.


Paul Wages has always loved the art of film. As a student at Georgia State, it was a natural draw for him to major in the subject, producing a range of quirky short movies that began to reveal his lovely and unique detail-heavy, indie-video style. Paul has a gift for capturing the evanescent; his films are heavy with the shimmering light of late summer afternoons, morning sunshine dappled across the skirt of a dancing flower girl, candlelight catching a sweet wink between bride & groom. His talent lies in emotion – being able to capture the feelings of the day in a quiet, unobtrusive way, and then reawakening that love and joy through his editing and musical choices. The last fourteen years have helped him showcase a charming variety of both homespun and opulent traditional American weddings to the lavish, days-long celebrations of Southeast Indian weddings. Through this variety of venues, Wages has been fortunate to have worked with and learned from some of the biggest talents in the Southern wedding industry.

A proud native of Atlanta, Paul enjoys diving into new (and old) local music, travelling around the Southeast to find obscure regional culinary gems, and – outside of wedding receptions – a neat glass of bourbon.